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We combine the two things that make people happier – travel and exercise.

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We inspire you to travel with a purpose, not just to learn new things, but to gain new skills. Would you like to go on vacation to learn how to surf, swim, or scuba dive? Maybe you want to relax in a sound bath during yoga on the beach, or learn a new dance move. Perhaps you want to try horseback riding, or ice skating, but never made time for it. This is why we want to tailor your travel experience to help you find inner peace, strength and courage to try new things and see how you tranform yourself in the process.

We know that eliminating stress and creating happy memories is a priority, today more then ever before. When you join us on a fitness voyage you’ll try different exercise classes and you’ll meet fun, like-minded people you can trust. We challenge you to take a fitness adventure as you explore new destinations. Celebrate special occasions in exotic places, check things off your bucket list and enjoy once in a lifetime views. Try new classes and activities, swim with dolphins, go fishing, skiing, surfing, or simply isolate yourself on a remote island.

We partner with top Certified Fitness Professionals and provide them with tools to organize creative fitness voyages on land and on water. Tell us about your own fitness voyage and how you got into teaching. We love a good story and we’ll feature a new instructor every season on our blog. We will find the perfect blend of affiliates and travel destinations to create adventures that inspire you. We pick the best yoga retreats around the world and give you the opportunity to find the place that will help you renew and refresh so you can come home feeling healthier, happier and equipped with simple techniques to infuse into your new daily routine.

And if group activities is not your jam and you prefer to travel solo or with a small group of friends or family, simply pick your next destination and book a flight to take you anywhere you want, just remember to come back and share your adventure. We love to hear your stories of trying things for the first time, and exploring places you’ve never seen before. The magic happens when you get out of your comfort zone and experience something new every day. “Research into brain health and longevity suggests that regular experience of novelty is essential to a long, happy life,” Brain World magazine writes. Learning makes our brains better and research shows that every time you learn a new fact or skill you change your brain.

A look back...

Make memories all over the World

Visiting St. Lucia

Tucked away in the Windward Islands of the lesser Antilles, St. Lucia’s intoxicating natural beauty is nearly unmatched in the Caribbean.


Experience the therapeutic qualities of the Blue Lagoon and Iceland's lunarscape surface.


Intricately aligned with the sunrise on the summer solstice and the sunset on the winter solstice.


More than 70% of the Earth's surface is covered in water and we love exploring new destinations by visiting major ports and sailing the seas.

Your Fitness Voyage

If you are a Fitness Professional and would like to travel with us, tell us about your own journey, what inspires you, and how you got to where you are now. We will post the best story on our blog at the beginning of every season. Seasons change to remind us how beautiful change can be, and so do we. Embrace change and do something new.

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Stay active even when you're at sea with water aerobics, yoga, tai chi, and zumba classes on cruiseships

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    What inspires you? What do you like about teaching? What scares you? What would you do if you have everything you want?

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    What do you like about travelling? Where would you like to go? What is one thing you'd like to try for the first time?

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We take pride in working with the best travel partners, instructors, and guides to guarantee you have the best experience possible at the most reasonable price.

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Fitness Voyages is dedicated to helping you customize a relaxing and fun adventure that focuses on getting happy, healthy, and learning new things.  Come and join us!

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