Roses Guide: Growing & Care

Growing roses at your home is easier than you thought! Imagine having the most beautiful smelling and looking flowers available at your fingertips all season long! You will be surprised to know how easy it is to grow your own roses in a garden or in containers, and we can even teach you how to start your own roses from cuttings you get from a bouquet of roses or even from your own rose garden or a friend or family member! So just stay tuned to find out how!

Essential Tools for Rose Growing

We have spent a lot of time researching the best products that are proven and also cost efficient. We know how important it is to save money in these difficult times so we have made sure the products we list are trustworthy and safe for use. We always try to find the best reviewed products at the cheapest price, sold by trusted retailers.

Fertilizer & Rooting Hormone

The 2 most important products to purchase are Fertilizers and rooting hormones.

The Fertilizer is used in the beginning of spring, and can be used throughout the season up until fall and is essential to keep your roses growing beautiful flowers. There are many different rose fertilizers, Rose-Tone is an organic fertilizer that is safe to use and cost effective. Click here to check out Rose-Tone on amazon!

The rooting hormones are needed if you are interested in growing free roses from cuttings! The easiest way to acquire more roses is to “clone” or grow a new plant from a cutting, which grows roots at the cut. Rooting hormones induce faster rooting and is a key process to cloning from cuttings. Hormex makes a number of different rooting hormones, but there hormex #3 mix is specifically made for semi-woody plants like roses, so this is what we suggest to purchase! Please click here to check out Hormex bundle of their 3 most popular rooting hormones in order to save money!