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Fitness Voyages aims to combine the two things that many studies have scientifically proven to make people happier – travel and exercise. Physical fitness is important for mental health, managing weight and muscle mass, and decreasing the effects of aging. Travel is getting out of your comfort zone and entering the magic zone of new experiences. We encourage you to travel with a purpose, not just to learn new things, but to gain new skills and find new friends along the way. Discover a new way to balance work and travel with fun and fitness when you join us for your next adventure with Fitness Voyages.

When you embark on a fitness voyage you will perform better, feel your best, eat healthy, and improve your physical fitness, while  having fun exploring new destinations. We invite only the best certified instructors to teach private classes during our fitness voyages, so you can try something new, exercise, and feel more fulfilled and passionate about your journey. Whether you’re looking to prepare for your next marathon, learn to swim, or establish a daily meditation routine, we have the right instructors that will customize classes according to your ability, fitness level, and needs. Some fitness voyages are tailored more toward mindfulness and yoga practice, while others kick you into shape with boot camp type activities. The best way to travel, is to travel with a purpose. What better purpose, than to stay healthy, get more active, learn a new dance, or find a new hobby. If you’re looking to lose weight, sign up for boot camp or detox voyage. If you are interested in a wellness voyage, we focus on Pilates and yoga classes to promote spiritual calm with a balanced diet. For the spa lovers we have tai chi, meditation, massage, reiki, and aromatherapy practices lined up. Because we love water so much, we put the emphasis on aquatic fitness programs, like water aerobics, aqua Zumba, ai chi, and aqua yoga. These practices are beneficial to our aging population to restore range of motion, improve balance, and  bring cardio back into your life. New research studies prove that dance can improve brain health and is helping millions of people stay active, have fun, and improve their quality of life. We travel with the top dance instructors to teach us basic flamenco, salsa, merengue, tango, and many other native and non-native dance moves.

We offer you oceans of experience to dream, explore and discover new places and activities, with people you can trust so you can escape completely. Get lost in the magic of this world by taking a vacation with a combined wellness, nutrition, and exercise element. Our instructors will get your day started with morning exercise so you can feel energized and ready to explore. We believe that the most beautiful things in life are not things. They are people, and places, memories and pictures. They are feelings and moments, and smiles and laughter. So go out there and make some new memories and experience things for the first time ever. Celebrate special occasions all over the world, check things off your bucket list, and enjoy once in a lifetime views. Dive into new adventures, try new classes, swim with dolphins, go fishing, skiing, surfing, or simply meditate on a remote beach. But whatever you choose to do with your time, never stop learning and trying things for the first time. This is the key to keep your brain healthy and slow down the aging process. As we get older, we need to promote neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience. This is our goal – to promote logevity through travel and exercise.

“Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before” – The Dalai Lama


My name is Tania, a Bulgaria native, with many different passions, including travel and health. I love being on, or near the water in all of its forms. Snowy days make me smile, ocean waves bring me to my happy place. I believe in doing all things with love to create our own happiness. Born and raised in Sofia, I knew that there was a lot more to this World than what was within my reach and I wanted to explore it all. I came to USA when I was 21 as a lifeguard, by myself. I wanted to chase rainbows and dance with the clouds, leaving my family almost five thousand miles behind. What was supposed to be a fun summer abroad, turned into a new life journey that’s been nothing less than aspiring. Job after job, led me to discover how important it is to find joy in the little things we do every day. Juggling between a full-time job and college curriculum, didn’t leave much time for any pleasure activities, let alone travel. I wanted to exercise and try new things, so I found a job that allowed me to travel, and another job paid me to exercise. Let me share my aspiration with you, because fitness travel is not some new concept we invented, and the benefits of it date back to ancient times. In the 18th century, people traveled great distances to bathe in the therapeutic waters of Pamukkale, Turkey. Many venture off to foreign lands to improve their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Today, fitness travel offers a diverse range of activities to benefit the mind, body, and soul.

Maybe you’ve heard that Bulgaria is known to be the oldest urban settlement in all of Europe, but did you know that there are over 700 mineral hot springs in the country? Second only to Iceland, but nowhere near as popular or crowded with tourists. I hope that you’ll find value in my stories here, and learn something new. . I became a certified Aquatic Fitness Professional in 2012, Zumba and STRONG certified since 2016, and I’m a RYT with Yoga Alliance with extensive training in mindfulness and meditation. I try to apply all the health principles I’ve learned through my training in daily activities and I’m happy to share my experiences with you.

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Fitness Voyages is dedicated to helping you customize a relaxing and fun adventure that focuses on getting happy, healthy, and learning new things.  Come and join us!

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